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Offer of Ceramic Materials Research Section

Dear Sirs,


Department of Ceramic and Biomaterials, of the Electrotechnical Institute Division
of Electrotechnology and Materials Science in Wrocław (Poland), would like to present the offer
of research and technological services.

Based on the long-term experience we offer the technical consulting, technological services and conducting tests of: porcelain mass, ceramic materials and high voltage insulators, according to obligatory standards. We have equipment enabling the electrical and mechanical tests, determining the physical and chemical properties and samples (plastics) resistance to the mould. Our research services are characterized by highest quality of the works, the reliability and scrupulosity. The tests are finished with a report containing the results and works description.

In our scientific - development and technological works we take care the subjects including the following issues:

- porcelain mass and electroinsulation ceramics (high alumina, soapstone, cordierite),

- natural hydroxyapatite,

- mineral fibers for thermo-insulation applications and acoustic attenuation,

- ceramic proppants used in the shale gas extracting process,

- materials for the heating,

- surface discharges on dielectrics,

- bioceramics, biomaterials and biomimetic,

- gradient materials,

- dielectric materials obtained by sol - gel method.

We have a knowledge and a necessary experience confirmed by many publications
in Scientific Journals, technical reports and patents, for the cooperation in scientific research with companies dealing with ceramic materials. We willingly participate in local and international research projects, constitute scientific and technical support to innovative companies.

We are trying to individually deal with the expectations of our customers.

We have great pleasure for inviting you to the cooperation!





Electrotechnical Institute Division of Electrotechnology and Materials Science

Department of Ceramic and Biomaterials

M. Skłodowskiej-Curie Street 55/61, 50-369 Wrocław, POLAND

phone. 71 328 30 61 (ext. 313); fax 71 328 25 51 e-mail: beata@iel.wroc.pl

Website of the Department of Ceramic and Biomaterials

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