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Magnetic and Contact Materials Section

- head
M.Sc. Dominika Gaworska-Koniarek
M.Sc. Aleksandra Szmaja
Eng. Edward Orłowski
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  Fields of activity
  • measurements and research on properties of soft and hard magnetic materials,

  • design and research magnetic circuit,

  • shields of Electromagnetic Radiation,
  • Electrochemical energy storages,
  • supercapacitors,
  • vacuum technologies
  • powder technologies,

  • permanent magnets production,

  • industrial applications of magnetic fields,

  • selection, research, technologies of contacts materials and switching circuit.

  • research on magnetic properties of electrical sheet steels and packets,

  • materials for electrochemical energy storages,
  • determination and elimination of negative influence of cutting and packeting operation of electrical sheet steels on magnetic properties,

  • technologies for production of hard and soft magnetic materials, contact materials and materials for electromagnetic radiation shielding,

  • novel methods of magnetic material orientation with application of external magnetic field.


  • tests of magnetic properties of electrical sheet steel on the fully computerized measuring system,

  • optimal adaptation of magnetic circuit to receiver's requirements with regard to prices, quality and kind of materials, minimization of power losses, safety and reliability of devices,

  • selection and carrying out of heat treatment correcting (re-creating) of magnetic properties,

  • design and creation of unique elements for measurement system (e.g. yokes).

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