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Second International Conference on Advances in Processing, Testing and Application of Dielectric Materials (APTADM'2004) was held in Wroclaw on 15-17 September 2004.

76 people took part in the Conference, 31 of them were from foreigners (from Austria, Bielarus, Czech, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Macedonia, Slovenia, Sweden).

During the Conference 63 papers were presented in Six oral sessions and one poster session. All sessions ended with long discussions.

Next meeting will take place in the autumn of 2007 and we invite you to join us then.

Scientific Committee                               

Abderrahmane BEROUAL, France
Alexander BULINSKI, Canada
Zbigniew CIOK, Poland
James D. CROSS, Canada
Kurt FESER, Germany
Uno GÄFVERT, Sweden
Juergen GERHOLD, Austria
Stanislaw GUBANSKI, Sweden, Chairman
Reuben HACKAM, Canada
Erling ILSTADT, Norway
Shesha JAYARAM, Canada
Gytys JUSKA, Lithuania
Dieter KÖNIG, Germany
Christian LAURENT, France
Gian Carlo MONTANARI, Italy
Reiner PATSCH, Germany

Harald SCHWARZ, Germany
Vaclaw SKLENICKA, Czech Republic
Tatsuo TAKADA, Japan
Toshikatsu TANAKA, Japan
Vladimir N. VARIVODOV, Russia
Jin WEIFANG, China
Jos M. WETZER, The Netherlands

The Conference was organized by:

Electrotechnical Institute Division of Electrotechnology and Materials Science

Wroclaw University of Technology,
Institute of  Electrical Engineering Fundamentals

Electrotechnical Committee of Polish Academy of Sciences

Association of Polish Electrical Engineers
Committee of Materials for Electrotechnology

Local Organizing Committee

Boleslaw Mazurek - Chairman,
Edmund Motyl - V-chairman,
Ryszard Kordas - Secretary,
Janusz Fleszynski,
Bronislaw Szubzda,
Grzegorz Pasciak,
Agnieszka Bienkowska                      
Pawel Zylka
Krystyna Prociow

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