Electrotechnical Institute - Wroclaw

Electrotechnical Institute Division of Electrotechnology
and Materials Science

M. Sklodowskiej-Curie 55/61
50-369 Wroclaw, POLAND

phone (+48) 71 328 30 61
fax. (+48) 71 328 25 51


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Testing and research

Wroclaw Division of Electrotechnical Institute is the only one Polish research center that is engaged in technology of electrotechnical materials science

  • electroinsulating and constructional materials based on resin composites,
  • powder technologies and electrotechnical ceramisc,
  • renewable sources of energy,
  • methodology of material research,
  • novel piezoelectric materials,
  • electroinsulating compounds for special usage,
  • electroinsulating varnishes and enamels,
  • usage of electromagnetic fields,
  • technologies of apparatus and devices protection against environmental hazards,
  • nano-technologies,
  • novel materials for electro-engineering.

Participation in International Projects
  • Centre for Materials for Low-Energy Consuming Technologies in Electrotechnics” - Center of Excellence EU,
  • "A novel miniaturized high voltage surge arrester" -  FP5  - CRAFT project,
  • "New Generation natural Gas Ship Interfaces" - NG² SHIP I/F, 6 PR-2002-Transport-1,
  • "Intermediate temperature SOFCs for low cost and low emission power generation" - ITSOFUCES (STREP), 6FP,
  • "Cost effective fuel cell design based on the development of advanced high temperature proton exchange membranes" - AD-PEMFC (IP) 6FP,
  • "Fuel processing and system integration for low temperature fuel cells" – FPSIFC (NoE), 6FP,
  • "Fuel Cell Energy Production System for the Residential Sector in Remote Areas" - RESECELL (CRAFT) 6FP,
  • "Multifunctional Structures" – MULFUN, (STREP), 6FP,
  • "Incorporation of nanosilicas and nanosilicates fillers in adhesives and coatings in the building industry: a way to balance adhesion and cohesion properties NANOBUILD" - Priority 3 – “NMP”- New materials by design, Specific Targeted Research Projects (STRP),  
  • "Development of enviromentally friend electrical insulating nanocomposites by design: DEFEIND" - Specific Targeted Research Projects (STRP),
  • * "Development of technology of BaBiO3-x doped varistors" – MOVTECH, 6FP.
  • * "Solid Oxide Fuel Cells for small systems" - in the frame of agreement with Otto-von-Guericke Universitat Magdeburg,
  • * "Renewable Energies Powered System for Domestic Applications" - Expression of Interest of FP6,
  • * "The new way of magnetic material orienting" - Expression of Interest of FP6,
  • * „Fuel Processing and System Integration for Low Temperature Fuel Cells" - preparation of proposal in theFP6,
  • * „Development of Advanced Membranes for Fuel Cell" - preparation of proposal in theFP6,
  • * "Solar power plant using renewable, ecological solar energy" - offset.

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