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Electroinsulating and Constructional Epoxy-Glass Tubes

Grzegorz Pasciak Ph.D.
Phone +48 71 328 30 61 ext.325

Technical parameters
  • density of composite 1,6 ÷ 2 kg/dm3
  • range of working temperatures - 60oC ÷ + 150oC
  • inside diameter range 25 ÷ 300 mm
  • minimal thickness of wall 1 mm
  • maximat thickness of wall optional
  • tube lenght max. 5000 mm
  • filament winding structure "tailor made" type

Epoxy glass tubes are favoured for electroinsulating and constructional elements which structure corresponds to the severity of mechanical loads.
  • high mechanical strength,
  • low weight,
  • good electroinsulating properties,
  • high resistance to temperature shock,
  • high resistance to impact of chemicals like acids, oils, dilute, alkalies, some kaind of solvents.
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