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Composite Suspension High Voltage Insulator (110 kV)

Composite High Voltage Suspension Insulator types CS120 and CS160 with sheds made of silicone elastomer


Composite suspension insulator type CS120 and CS 160 are designed for high voltage overhead power networks application at rated voltage 110 kV. They are offered in two versions: for I, II pollution zone with 25 sheds and for III pollution zone with 29 sheds. The second version of insulators is specially recommended for application in polluted areas, wet climates (e.g. in climates with high salt humidity) with temperature shocks during day and in severe mountain regions.


Composite high voltage insulators type CS 120 and CS 160 are admitted to application in Polish power networks and has got the Certificate No 443 of Energetic Institute what is a proof that it fits the requirements of international standard IEC 6 1109:1992-03.


In comparison with porcelain insulators composite insulators have advantages as below:
  • several times lower weight,
  • higher resistance to environmental hazard,
  • higher resistance to vandalism.

C19N E24
870/24 1070/30 870/24 1070/30
Connection distance [c] mm 1210+/-10 1410+/-10 1290+/-10 1500+/-10
Arcing distance [a] mm 870+/-10 1070+/-10 870+/-10 1070+/-10
Diameter of rod
mm 28
Diameter of large/small coats mm 130/90
Number of sheds Pcs. 24 30 24 30
Leakage distance mm 2600 3195 2600 3195

Grzegorz Pasciak Ph.D.
+48 71 328 30 61 ext.325

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