Renewable Energy Sources

Joanna Warycha Ph.D.
Marek Malinowski Ph.D.
Grzegorz Napolski M.Sc.
Tymoteusz Swieboda M.Sc.


Solid Oxide Fuel Cells (SOFC):
  • Synthesis, construction and research of fundamental components such as ceramic electrolytes and electrodes (with particular interest on intermediate temperature SOFC).
  • Selection and investigation of auxiliary materials (thermal expansion, chemical resistance).
  • Design and prototype assemblies of solid state cells.
  • Evaluation and analysis of solid oxide fuel cells under various working conditions taking into account parameters as for instance: temperature, humidity, composition of fuel mixture, flow rate.
Proton Exchange Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC):
  • Synthesis of new chemically activated PEM fuel cell membranes.
  • Research and engineering works concerning single cells PEM and stack.
  • Measurement and investigation of PEM fuel cell stack with low and medium rated power.
  • Technical implementation of fuel cell stacks as various applications, eg. electric scooter, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS).
Microgeneration System supplied by solar energy:
  • Design and evaluation of μCHP unit that utilizes solar radiation as a primary energy source (main components and subsystems: 30 kW solar collector and 1 kW photovoltaic systems and three different units for energy transformation - ORC, Cooling Absorption Unit and Water Heating System).
  • Construction of prototype power generation system that benefits from best advantages of Microgeneration System, fuel cell stack and ultracapacitors system with hydrogen storage unit.
The following equipment is available in the Section:
  • Impedance/gain phase analyzer Solartron SI1260 (10 μHz - 32 MHz) with 1287A Potentiostat/Galvanostat and Dielectric Interface 1296.
  • Agilent Technologies E4991A RF Impedance/Material Analyzer (1 MHz - 3 GHz) with Magnetic (16454A) and Dielectric (16453A) Material Test Fixtures.
  • ProboStat - the system intended for measurements of electrical properties, transport parameters, and kinetics of materials, solid/gas interfaces and electrodes under controlled atmospheres at high temperatures.
  • Single cell and fuel cell stack test station for evaluation of influence as important parameters as temperature, humidity, pressure, flow rate and fuel mixture composition, during fuel cell operation with aid of Electronic Load ZS506-4NV, Hocherl&Hackl GmbH.
  • Dilatometer System (max. 1100 oC).
  • Nabertherm furnace (max. 1800 oC) with various gas feeding.
  • And other technical equipment (PUK3s Proffesional welding machine with microscope, gas mixers, hydraulic press, different furnaces and dryers).
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