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Epoxy-glass reinforced rods

Grzegorz Pasciak Ph.D.
Phone +48 71 328 30 61 ext.325

Epoxy-glass reinforced (RBGF) rods fulfil the requirements of IEC61109 standard represent high, long-term mrchanical srtength, resistance to moisture penetration and high electroinsulating properties.

Main application
The rods are favoured for insulating supports, hangers, cares of H.V. composite insulator working at 3..220 kV systems and stabdard machanical loads (SML) up to 210 kN.

Epoxy-glass reinforced rods meet all requirements of IEC61109. They can have any required length (there are no technological restrictions). Properties of RBGF rods fully correspond to properties of thier equivalents that are produced by the most famous firms. offered dias 14..24 mm.

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