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Section of Eelectroinsulating Varnishes

- head
Barbara Czolowska M.Sc.
Jadwiga Zawadzka M.Sc.
Lech Gorecki M.Sc.
Prof. Janusz Fleszynski

Some of equipment:
  • Equipment for thermoanalytical testing (derivatograph and differential thermoanalyzer) for determination of reactivity, temperatures of gelling processes, decomposition temperatures, glass transition temperature, phase transition temperatures, loss of volatile  substances and assessment of thermal endurance of plastics
  • Computerized tensile testing machine 55 R 6025/INSTRON for testing of mechanical properties of materials at range of temperature from -70°C to +315°C
  • Equipment for testing of degradation of insulation under repetitive pulse voltage (amplitude from 0 to 3 kV and frequency from 2 kHz to 30 kHz)
  • Equipment for full testing of electroinsulating varnishes and winding wires


Section produce in a small scale electroinsulating glass fibre sleevings coated by PTFE dispersion for insulating of thermobimetals and leads of electric heaters.

Participation in the following projects:
  • Research project grant No. 8 T10A 074 21 entitled "Developing of the fast, energy-saving method of assessment of thermal endurance of electroinsulating materials" founded by Committee for Scientific Research.
  • Target project No 6 T10 053 2001 C/5472  entitled "Enamel for special winding wires for inverter-fed motors" founded by Committee for Scientific Research.
  • Offer of cooperation in three STREP projects submitted to Sixth Framework Programme of EU.

Testing and Research

  • Testing of electroinsulating and constructive materials (impregnating and covering varnishes, winding wires, electric cables, sleevings, films, pipes, metals),
  • Investigation of phenomena in electrical motor insulation under pulse voltage from inverter
  • Developing and implementation if the new electroinsulating impregnating varnishes and enamels for winding wires, also with nanofillers.
  • Investigation of thermal ageing process of electroinsulating materials and developing of the new testing methods.

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