The information presented here contains only partial description of our equipment and offered services. Due to our continuous development and wide spectra of activities, placing here full information would be impossible. Thereby we are encouraging you to contact us in case of any question.

We offer PCA accredited tests of:

We also offer such services:

  • mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties of the surface with Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM),
  • reliability tests (electronic and electric devices),
  • thermal shock tests,
  • evaluating resistance to tracking and erosion of electrical insulating materials used under severe ambient conditions,
  • determination of static and dynamic flexural strength properties with Dynstat apparatus (samples 15x10x4,5mm),
  • metal and plastics hardness determination with ball pressing method,
  • Izod impact strength tests,
  • calibration of measurement devices (ampmeters, voltmeters, ohmmeters),
  • calibration of very large resistance ohmmeters and resistance standards up to 10^14 Ohm.
  • and many others...