The tests of weather resistance materials (Test Sa Temp.: +40 °C or 55 °C, w.w. (65÷90)%) are performed accoding to the standards:
PN-EN 60068-2-5:2002 and PN-EN ISO 4892-2:2009/A1:2009) or procedures delivered by the Client.
Tested objects: materials, components, synthetic materials i coverings
The tests are performed in Atlas Ci65 Weather-Ometer with xenon lamp 6500W of power and total exposure area 7200cm2.

A comparision of relative Spectral Power Distribution (source: Atlas flyer):
- yellow- Global Solar Radiation,
- red - Xenon Arc Lamp,
- green - Fluorescent Lamp,
- violet - Metal Halide,
- blue - Sunshine Carbon Arc.