Forum of Expers

Second Meeting of experts (narrow group of experts) from leading institutions in EC, Poland and other countries of the Central-East Europe (especially experts from International Scientific Committee and from Advisory Board of the Centre of Excellence). Due to multidisciplinary character of the Centre’s activity, there is a need of consulting foreign experts The main target of the workshop is to point out the strategic directions of investigations in the field of materials for the low-energy consuming technologies in electrotechnology and then popularise them among scientific and industrial institutions in Poland and other countries of the Central-East Europe.


Meeting programme:

10.05 Opening - prof. dr hab. Boleslaw Mazurek,

10.20 Organizational activity summary of the Centre of Excellence MALET- dr Agnieszka Bienkowska,

10.45 Nanomaterials in electrotechnology, at the Centre of Excellence MALET - dr hab. Wieslaw Wilczynski,

10.55 Renewable energy sources and energy-saving technologies in the Centre of Excellence MALET - dr Grzegorz Pasciak,

11.10 Lecture. Energetics developing directions - prof. dr hab. Boleslaw Mazurek,

10.45 Coffee break,

12.00 Lecture. Main problems of energy and resource saving by means of energy storage systems based on supercapacitors. - prof. dr Konstantin Denshichikov,

12.45 Lecture. Energy-saving technologies in rail transportation using energy receptacles - dr Maxim Sevlyugin,

13.30 Lecture. Sol-Gel nanomaterials - prof. dr hab. ing. Krzysztof Maruszewski,

14.00 Discussion,

14.30 Dinner,

16.00 Old City tour,

18.30 Organ concert,

19.30 Return to the Hotel.