Activities of the Centre will be accomplished in the way pictured comprehensively in the Work Packages. These means will result in the following deliverables aimed at by the Project:

  • expanding intellectual potential of the Centre staff with a particular emphasis on young scientists;
  • relocation of the expertise and experience gained by the Centre to a wide entirety of institutions and SMEs being within the reach of the Centre;
  • the direct outcome of the above two deliverables is a third one a successful fight for higher quality of products, their competitiveness on world markets, creation of new workplaces and in result economic raise of society in NAS.

Work Packages list:

  • International Conference on "Advances in Processing, Testing and Application of Dielectric Materials" (APTADM),

  • National Conference "Postepy w Elektrotechnologii",

  • Promotional activities,

  • Post-graduate Studies,

  • Forum of experts,

  • Co-ordination of the Centre activity,

  • Advancing in FP5/6 projects,

  • Networking,

  • Twinnig with other Centres,

  • Workshops.