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Andrzej Sikora, Teodor Gotszalk, Roman Szeloch


Combined shear force – tunnelling microscope with interferometric tip oscillation detection for local surface investigation and oxidation

















In view of the rapid growth of interest in AFMs in the investigation of surface properties and local surface modification, the modular Shear–force/Tunneling Microscope is herein described. The presented setup is based on the fiber Fabry–Perot interferometer for the measurement of conductive microtip oscillation. An advantage of this system is that quantitative measurements of tip vibration amplitude are easily performed. Moreover, that presented setup is extremaly sensitive and compact. Using teh aforementioned measurement system, quantitative measurement of robe dither motion with a resolution of 0.01nmRMS in a 100Hz bandwidth is possible. The optical detection system allows one to apply voltage to the conductive microtip. In this case the microtip can be used as an electron beam (e–beam) source for nanolitography or as a collector of field emmision current flowing between the surface and the microprobe. Some preliminary results of experiments will be also presented.


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Example figure:

The simplified graph representing setup of the combined shear force/ emission microscope.