Description of the publication:


Andrzej Sikora


Correction of structure width measurements performed with a combined shear–force/tunnelling microscope


Measurement Science and Technology




18 (2)









AFM; Measured size correction; Shear–force microscopy; Surface measurement


Atomic force microscopy is one of the most precise and reliable methods for both the creation and the investigation of nanostructures. In order to obtain reliable measurement one must be aware of the specific issues of the method. Non–contact AFM is a particular case, where due to complex tip–sample interaction, specific measurement consideration is necessary. In this paper an analysis of sample surface misshape phenomena in shear–force microscopy is carried out and a method for the estimation of a correction to the lateral size of nanostructures is presented. Some practical examples of the application of this method are given, accompanied by additional investigations with a newly developed combined shear–force/tunnelling microscope, which allows taking a closer look at these phenomena.


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Example figure:

The structure developed with the local anodic oxidizing of the surface of the silicon using the combined shear force/ emission microscope.