Description of the publication:


Andrzej Sikora, Teodor P. Gotszalk


The issues of near field interaction detection in developed combined shear force/ emission microscope


Journal of Physics: Conference Series















The shear force microscopy is one of few AFM methods which allow to scan the surface in the non–contact regime. The advantage of this technique is the possibility of investigation soft and fragile samples. The detection of near field interactions is performed by measurement of the oscillation amplitude of the scanning tip, which oscillates laterally to the surface. Although the method is used effectively in various applications (i.e. SNOM), the origin of the phenomena is still discussed and investigated. In this article we describe some particular experiments performed in order to develop the home built shear force microscope which was combined with emission measurement module. We also present the solution, which allows to prevent unwanted behaviour of the PID regulator, when the electrical field is applied to the tip.


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Example figure:

The influence of the voltage applied to the scanning tip of the shear force microscope on the Z feedback loop.