Description of the publication:


Sikora, A.


Reconstruction of feature shape and dimension through data processing of sequenced various angle atomic force microscopy (AFM) scans


Measurement Science and Technology




20 (8)


084016 (1–7)







Atomic force microscopy; Data processing; Dimension and shape calculation; Multiple scan method


Atomic force microscopy is one of the most precise and reliable methods for investigation of micro– and nanostructures. One of the typical issues connected with precise measurements with this method is the influence of the shape of the tip. In this paper, an approach based on variable tip tilt will be presented. This method allows performing several measurements with different tilts of the tip and by processing the obtained data to reduce the broadening effect caused by the tip's cone angle. Preliminary results obtained with this method will also be presented.


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Example figure:

The graph representing the idea of reconstruction of the surface’s profile using two AFM scans performed with various angle of the probe vs surface.