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Iwan, A., Schab–Balcerzak, E., Siwy, M., Sikora, A., Palewicz, M., Janeczek, H., Sibiński, M.


New aliphatic–aromatic tetraphenylphthalic–based diimides: Thermal, optical and electrical study


Optical Materials




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Azomethines; Imides; Liquid crystals; Photovoltaic measurements; Thermotropic compounds


The thermal and opto–electrical properties of new thermotropic compounds based on tetraphenylphthalic–based imides have been explored. Energy band gap (Egopt.) was calculated from absorption spectrum and absorption coefficient α. Current–voltage (I–V) measurements were performed on ITO/compound/Al, ITO/compound:PCBM/Al and ITO/PEDOT:PSS/compound:PCBM/Al devices before and after irradiation with light (under illumination 1000 W/m2). Compounds were blended with [6,6]–phenyl C 61 butyric acid methyl ester (PCBM) in the weight ratio 1:1 and additionally tested using various AFM techniques. The mesogenic properties were characterized by POM and DSC. Both compounds exhibited liquid crystalline properties. Preliminary photovoltaic experiments were carried out for two kinds of bulk heterojunction devices (BHJ) and compared with reference device. For the first time, to the best our knowledge, tetraphenylphthalic–based imides with liquid crystalline properties were examined and described in the article.


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3D topography view of the AZ sample.