Description of the publication:


Barbara Górnicka, Andrzej Sikora, Damian Wojcieszak


Surface morphology study and dielectric properties of polyesterimide nanocomposite















nanocomposite, polyesterimide, dielectric properties, AFM topography


Polyesterimide matrix has been filled with 1.5 wt% of nanosilica using our special method and experiments were performed to study the surface topography and measure dielectric properties. The thermally stimulated depolarization current TSDC, temperature dependence of tan δ and partial discharges resistance were investigated on both pure and filled samples. The TSDC technique and temperature dependence of loss factor tan δ were used to investigate dielectric relaxations and charges mobility in nanocomposite. In the nanostructure polyesterimide the TSD currents released by both dipole reorientations as well by a free charge motion were found to be much greater than for that for pure one; it can be attributed to the increase large volume. The temperature characteristic of tan δ of the nanofilled sample is shifted about 10° in direction of higher temperatures as compared to pure one. Polyesterimide with nanosilica, inorganic nanofiller with their inherent high PD resistance, have also shoved significant prolonged lifetime under partial discharges. The nanofilled sample AFM topography showed much wider distribution of the grain size and its surface roughness increased.


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Example figure:

3D topography view of the polyesterimide nanocomposite.