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Andrzej Sikora


Utilization of various atomic force microscopy techniques in investigation of liquid crystal compounds


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Recent development of various materials is stimulated by utilization of advanced measurement tools and methods. In particular, the use of the submicron diagnostic techniques is desired, when the impact of the production process on the molecular structure of the material has to be determined in order to optimize the manufacturing technology. One of the most popular measurement techniques which delivers the information about various properties of the surface with nanometer resolution is Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM). This technique, basing on local scanning tip and sample interaction is commonly used in imaging of the topography of the surface as well as its mechanical, electrical, thermal and optical properties. Investigation of the properties of the liquid crystal compounds, which can be applied in wide area of the applications, requires utilization of various measurement techniques in order to obtain desired information. Also the data processing and interpretation is essential task, therefore advanced software must be used in order to extract certain information. The topography image can be a source of the information about the roughness, size of particular features as grains or pores and the height of the deposited layer. Observation of the topography change after the exposure the surface to certain force allows to observe the wear phenomena. Mechanical properties of the surface as the stiffness and adhesion can be mapped and used for estimation of the homogeneity of the different compounds dispersion. Such kind of the analysis is essential, where certain behavior of the material is desired. As the liquid crystals are often utilized in applications where the electrical properties must be known, it is possible to verify submicron distribution of the surface potential of thin layer.


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Example figure:

Combined 3D topography and friction image of the A1:PC61BM sample.