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Palewicz, M., Iwan, A., Sikora, A., Doskocz, J., Stręk, W., Sęk, D., Mazurek, B.


Optical, structural, and electrical properties of aromatic triphenylamine–based poly(azomethine)s in thin layers


Acta Physica Polonica A




121 (2)









Absorption coefficients; Active Layer; Current–voltage measurements; Electronic device; Optical bands; Photophysical; Photophysical properties; Polyazomethines; Reflectivity measurements; Thin layers; Triphenylamine moiety, Atomic force microscopy; Carbon nanotubes; Molecular electronics; X ray diffraction, Electric properties


Spectroscopic and photophysical properties of the poly(azomethine)s with triphenylamine moieties were investigated by UV–vis, X–ray diffraction and atomic force microscopy methods. Current–voltage measurements were performed on ITO/polymer/Alq 3/Al, ITO/PEDOT/polymer:MWCNT/Al and ITO/polymer:MWCNT/Al devices. Multiwall carbon nanotubes were blended with polymer in the ratio 1:1. The lowest optical band gap value at 2.33 eV was detected. Moreover, an absorption coefficient α was calculated from transmission and reflectivity measurements. In this paper, we presented photophysical and structural properties of the poly(azomethine)s in solid state of great interest for the emerging field of molecular electronics and for their uses as active layers in (opto)electronic devices such as solar cells.


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Example figure:

3D topography view of the PAZ3 sample.