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Sikora, A., Kryla, P., Wałecki, M., Bednarz, Ł.


The comparison of practical and economical aspects of utilization of various light sources


Przegląd Elektrotechniczny




89 (7)









Economical analysis; Lamps; Light sources; Reliability


The diversity of the properties of available light sources, such as: the energy consumption, expected lifetime and the price, can be a problem in terms of selection of the most suitable product. The long term tests allow to verify the reliability and observe the properties change in terms of the time of duty and number of power on/off cycles. In this work we present the results of the observation of the lifetime and its impact on the economical analysis of such light bulbs: LED – based, halogen, compact fluorescent lamp and incandescent (traditional) ones.


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The graph showing the utilization costs of various light sources.