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Sikora, A., Bednarz, L., Ekwiński, G., Ekwińska, M.


The determination of the spring constant of T–shaped cantilevers using calibration structures


Measurement Science and Technology




25 (4)









atomic force microscopy; force spectroscopy; force spring determination; mechanical properties imaging; time–resolved tapping mode; torsional cantilever oscillations


One of the most important diagnostic features of atomic force microscopy is the measurement of mechanical properties of the surface. Among a wide spectra of measuring techniques, the methods utilizing torsional oscillations of the cantilever provide high speed mapping of properties such as the stiffness, adhesion, snap–in force and energy dissipation. In order to perform quantitative measurements, one must determine the spring constant of the cantilever. In this paper, we present the utilization of high–accuracy normal force calibration structures, allowing the procedure to be carried out easily and quickly. Additionally, the results of tests confirming the efficiency of the method are presented.


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Example figure:

Proposed calibration procedures of the time resolved tapping mode AFM system based on detection of the torsional oscillations of the cantilever.

Used methods:

Contact AFM
Force Spectroscopy (force-distance curve)