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S. S. Kamble, A. Sikora, S. T. Pawar, R.C. Kambale, N. N. Maldar, L. P. Deshmukh


Morphology reliance of cobalt sulfide thin films: A chemo-thermo-mechanical perception


Journal of Alloys and Compounds












Dilute magnetic semiconductor, CoS, XRD, EDAX, Magnetic force microscopy, Optical band gap


We report onto the morphology dependency of CoS thin films by studying the role of mechanical agitation, thermal assistance and deposition duration in an aqueous alkaline bath (pH = 9 ± 0.1). The deposition of CoS thin films was carried out at different mechanical stirring rates, deposition temperatures and times. As-optimized CoS thin film were of polycrystalline nature and exhibited hexagonal crystal structure. Co2+ rich nature (≈85%) of optimistically grown thin film was detected. Complex multifaceted webbed network of as-grown elongated and threaded into each other CoS crystals was observed through a scanning electron microscope. Surface morphology was further studied by means of an atomic force microscopy. Existence of magnetic domains was marked in the magnetic force microscopy. As-grown CoS thin films were having transmission index of 0.5 with a band gap of ≈1.59 eV.


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Example figure:

3D view of the surface of the CoS sample.

Used methods:

Magnetic Force Microscopy